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If you are ready to join our team of well-motivated brokers, contact Mileage Exchange now and see how being a part of our global network can benefit you.  Mileage Exchange is looking for skilled professionals to spread our commitment to serving the public by helping them find ways to better utilize their hard-earned rewards, miles, points and promotional items.  If you want to take the next step and partner with us as we grow into a world leader in the marketplace — Don’t wait!

The Mileage Exchange Advantage:

  •  Direct Leads From Buyers And Or Sellers
    Only Get The Type Of Customer You Want
    Our Buyers And Sellers Are Serious (All Are Paying Members)
  • Deal Direct With Customers And Other Brokers Worldwide

Mileage Exchange gives you the online presence and backing you’ll need to make the most of the opportunities waiting for you.

Fill out our Broker’s Request Form below to get started:

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Broker Request Form

Are you a mileage/points broker? Want to join our network? Fill out our form and get authorized. All applicants are required to sign up using a vailid credit card. A 250.00 Application Fee is required. (refunded if not approved)
  • Once approved you will be able to interact with those that are selling points/awards and mileage for these programs.
  • Price: $250.00
    This fee is refundable if not approved. The fee is billed one time and valid for 12 months as long as your account is in good standing. You will have the ability to customize the type of customers and airline programs that meet your specific criteria.
  • $0.00