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mileage exchange 2Make It EasyWhat is Mileage Exchange…

We are the most comprehensive website for Selling, Buying and Trading any and all travel rewards, frequent flyer miles and retailer promo points and merchandise.  We allow you to exchange these “freebies” for what you really want.  Or just turn them into instant CA$H!  Want to do more with the rewards you do have???  Let us help you save huge on airfares – especially first/business class.  Save huge on vacations and getaways. Upgrade your life with online shopping that accepts your points instead of $$$.  Convert your bonus points to be used in Exclusive Membership Programs like American Express and more!  DON’T LET YOUR POINTS AND MILES GO UNUSED..  THEY ARE WORTH CASH! Your program rules allow changes at any time — Join Us, before it’s too late.


How It Works …caption1

At Mileage Exchange we make it simple — once you sign up, you enter the items you have to sell or trade and our staff of hand picked Brokers and individuals compete to match you perfectly with a buyer looking for your rewards/miles.  Our process allows for you to post your offering while you remain anonymous in our network until we are 100% confident we can get you the return you are looking for.  The exclusive Mileage Exchange System, will alert brokers across the globe, and provides our private mail system to begin communications. Remember: all of this is totally anonymous until they decide to reveal any vital information to finish the deal.  All membership signups are completely confidential and require very little information and no credit card or billing address is ever stored in our system. We take privacy seriously.  Don’t take chances with other sites that merely list your points and hope for the best … We are the BEST.

How We Make It Simple …

Finally, although our site uses a complex web-based network to sort through the millions of rewards, miles and offers — We make sure that when it comes to you — it’s all simple.  From our easy to navigate forms, to our online support … we make getting the most from our service a pleasure.  We put you in control.  You’ve earned your miles and points — become a member of Mileage Exchange and see how easy it can be to get more from them.  Sign Up Now, and you will see why we are The World’s Travel Rewards Destination.



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